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Review: Smart watch Z06: calls, camera and waterproof model

Written by Tyler Rondman

Review: Smartwatch Z06: calls, camera and waterproof model

This time, we’re going to review an interesting Chinese device from China – Z06, it’s a smartwatch. The specifications of this laconic named device include a protected case, built-in camera with the possibility of photo and video shooting, a pedometer, as well as support for one SIM card for making calls and using 3G Internet. Well, let’s get acquainted with the clock closer!


• 1.3 “touch screen, touchscreen, IPS matrix type

• Processor MediaTek MT6580, frequency 1.3 GHz

• 512 MB RAM

• Flash memory – 4 GB

• SIM-Tray for one Nano SIM-card

• 500 mAh battery

• 2 Mp camera

• Bluetooth 4.0

• Wi-Fi

• Version of Google Android 5.1 Lollipop

• Body dimensions 58 × 45 × 14 mm

• Weight 84 grams

Contents of delivery

Z06 watches are delivered in a small black box without any logo or company name. Inside it, you’ll find the device itself, and a charging cable, a screwdriver and a manual are located under it. appreciably, only the most necessary things are included and nothing superfluous.

Design, Appearance and Layout of Elements

The watch has a typical design of a chronometer with a round dial and a rubberized strap. The body of Z06 is made of metal. The declared weight is 84 grams which feels weighty on the hand. On the front face, IPS display and a diagonal of 1.3 “inches are located; and on the right side, you’ll see two control keys and a window of the camera between them. The left side is empty.

The bottom part of the device is made of plastic. This area contains a 4-pin charging pad, 4 screws around the perimeter and a SIM card slot that is covered with a plastic lid. The strap is made of matte rubberized material which is flexible enough and not rigid. The watch confidently and reliably holds the arm, thanks to a standard metal latch, resembling a conventional wristwatch.

Although there is a backlash of the keys and a characteristic sound when shaking, the body feels solid and strong. The display for protection is slightly sunken. The appearance of the clock is not an amateur, it is difficult to call them very beautiful as well. They rather look sturdy and reliable, like a protected clock. We reviewed a black model here, silver colored case is also available.

Hardware platform

Clock Z06 is built on the basis of the Chinese budget processor MediaTek MT6580 with 4 cores and a clock speed of 1.3 GHz. RAM is only 512 MB, and flash memory – 4 GB. The battery capacity is 500 mAh. Inside it, there is a slot for one Nano SIM-card. Let’s not struck by the details of how many hours dial AnTuTu reveals. I just want to say that this iron is quite enough for most of the tasks assigned to them.

Operating System, Interface and Management

The Google Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system with a special UI is used in this smart clock. It should be noted that this is a normal full Android for smartphones. Surprisingly, it supports Russian, English and other languages.

This model is controlled by a touch screen and two physical keys set on its side area. The lower button is responsible for locking and unlocking the display, and the upper button simulates pressing the “Home” key.

The watch has a round dial, but for such a diagonal and the shape of the display, we expected more well adapted interface. After activation, we examined the desktop with the time display first. Screens switch slides left and right. Also, swap towards up and down. The clock also functions as a pedometer. The main dial is customized, there are 7 options to choose from.

The preinstalled applications are:

• Browser

• Calculator

• Dictaphone

• Settings

• Camera

• Gallery

• Calendar

• Music


• Mail

• Contacts

The system works smoothly and stably. The performance of the display raises some questions, though. Sometimes, swapping or touching doesn’t work at the very first attempt. We have not figured out whether it’s a software bug or a hardware bug. Also, sometimes it is not very convenient to type a search query on a miniature keyboard.

Camera and speaker

Another feature of this watch is the built-in camera. When you wear the watch on your left hand, the camera’s eye is pointed straight. It has a sensor for 2 megapixels and shoots both photos and video clips. In the camera application, there are many settings, like photo quality, exposure and white balance.

The watch has IP65 standard moisture protection, which means that they are not afraid of splashes and other troubles. From the stock application “Gallery” you can view the photo and play video with sound, thanks to the built-in speaker. It’s loud enough, but we regretfully inform that the volume control is not provided.

Telephone and Communication

In addition to everything listed above, you can still call from this gadget. It requires a Nano SIM card. Also, you can connect your phone and read messages directly from the screen of Z06 via Bluetooth. The interlocutor during the conversation is heard perfect and loud.

Supported Networks

• GSM: 800/900/1800/1900 MHz

• WCDMA: 2100 MHz

These watches still have a built-in 3G modem, so that in addition to Wi-Fi, you can use the Internet through a SIM card.

Charging Unit and Autonomy

Very pleased with the charging facilities of the Z06. It is made in the form of a cord with a USB output at one end and a 4-pin magnetic port on the other. To put the clock on charging it is enough to simply bring the charger to the platform on the back edge of the clock and it will connect itself.

Ease of use

The watches sit well on the hands. They have a very strong and weighty metal case and a strap of good quality. The device is great for some small operations, like viewing time, steps, SMS and other notifications. The camera is not very convenient to use, since the lens and the screen are essentially at right angles. Also, there are problems when typing queries in Google or in the application “SMS”, because the keyboard is very small and you need to hit the keys very accurately. If you have Bluetooth headphones, then with the clock you can listen to music, but the 4 GB built-in storage doesn’t support much audio inclusion.


• Sturdy metal case and reliable strap

• Camera

• Possibility of making calls

• Convenient docking station for charging

• Built-in pedometer


• Unadapted interface

• Inability to adjust the volume

• A small amount of flash (4 GB)

• Small keyboard

Personal Impressions

The smart Z06 watch will appeal to those who like large chronometers in a protected metal case. Besides, it contains quite a lot of functions, for example, making calls, operating a camera, using as a pedometer and so on. Alas, the clock is devoid of a heart rate sensor, and also has an interface on a small and round display.

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