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Review of the speakers of Mi Portable and Speaker 2 from Xiaomi

Written by Tyler Rondman

Review of the speakers of Mi Portable and Speaker 2 from Xiaomi

This year Chinese Xiaomi not only updates its smartphones and tablets, but also produces new wireless branded speakers. Today we’ll talk about them and, as for the review, we have the second generation of cylindrical columns Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2 and the new Mi-P Portable washers.

Package Contents and Location of Items

The column comes in a neat white box of solid cardboard. Inside it, there is the column itself and nothing more. Two colors available – white and black.

The column is made in the form of a cylinder and reminds us of the first-generation Mi Bluetooth Speaker. The column is made of plastic, while covering most of the case. On the upper edge, there is a rotating metal turret with a speaker at the end.

Comparison with the first-generation Mi Bluetooth Speaker

At the bottom of the column, there is an oblong LED, it can glow blue or red, depending on the condition. On the opposite side of the case, there is a micro USB port for charging the speakers.

On the lower edge, you’ll see a round rubberized layer for stability on the surface. Also, here is the Xiaomi logo.

Connection and management

The speaker is very easy to connect to your smartphone or tablet. Use a connection via Bluetooth 4.0 to start playing audio on the speaker. Simply activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and connect to it.

As usual, you can stream music and other sounds from a standard player, as well as third-party multimedia games applications and everything else.

The column has manual control – no need to use a smartphone:

• Click on turrets = play / pause

• Turn the tower left / right = volume control

• Clamp the turret = turn off the column

When the column is on the table next to you, you’ll find it very convenient. Just rotate it to adjust the volume or press the speaker to pause. Such a spontaneous management has made Xiaomi more favorable. It’s a pity that a smartphone cannot simultaneously connect to two speakers at the same time, you can connect only to one of them.

Sound and autonomy

The Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2 has a good maximum volume level. One column is enough to arrange a mini disco in one room, and it’s also audible under the sky in the forest.

Inside it, a large 1200 mAh battery is installed. Xiaomi promises 7 hours of continuous music playback. In practice, while listening 1-2 hours per day, it runs for 5 days.

In wireless headset mode, Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2 is capable of operating conversations with the help of a tower of the column.

Packing and appearance of the column

The Mi Bluetooth Portable was launched from the crowd-hosting company on the Mi Home platform. This stylish metal case quickly won the support of users and was soon released in mass production.

The column comes in a box of thin cardboard. The box is so small that it seems that there are more Mi Hybrid headphones than a full column. Apart from this, there is nothing else in the delivery set.

Mi Portable looks very stylish and modern. There are three colors of the case: gold, silver and gray (Space Gray). We had a gold and gray version on the review.

The main part of the shell of the column is covered by aluminum, and as usual, there is a rubberized substrate on the lower face. The substrate will not allow the Mi Portable to slide on the surface. Also, on the lower side, there is a port for charging and the only key through which all control is carried out.

On the side face, there is a small hole for fastening the speaker to the strap, so it can be attached to a bicycle, backpack during a hike or simply hang on keys as a weighty keychain.

Connection and management

To turn on the column, you need to hold down the button on the lower edge of the case, the device will notify the user about switching on with the help of LED and sound notification. Like Mi Speaker 2, Mi Bluetooth Portable connects to external devices via Bluetooth 4.0, works with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Range of work is only 5 meters. Moreover, the speaker may lose signal if, for example, you leave the audio source to another room. The Bluetooth module is weak here, but it’s expected from a column of this size.

With the help of Mi Bluetooth Portable, you can pause or play music on your smartphone, but the volume control is not seen.


Despite its small size, Mi Portable sounds loud enough. Its maximum volume is in no way inferior to that of a large column of Mi Speaker 2. The sound quality is sufficient, but not perfect. At maximum volume, the column is a little “choking”. But at an average level, it is pleasant to listen.

Mi Portable can work in the hands-free mode, you can answer or drop incoming calls using the power key.


It’s difficult to compare this model with the previous generation, both in design and in quality. Despite its short range of operation, Mi Portable allows the most pleasant sensations of use. Thanks to the metal case, it can become a good accessory both on your desktop and at home. The speakers have sufficient autonomy, as well as a normal price for their category.

Personal impression

The speakers will appeal to those who are looking for affordable and at the same time high-quality branded wireless Bluetooth speaker for home, office or leisure. Both columns are pleasant in terms of design, sound quality and autonomy.

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