Review and Test of smartphone Doogee MIX Lite

Review of smartphone Doogee MIX Lite

Among a lot of interesting smartphones of Doogee, the line of frameless MIX is the most attractive. At present, it includes three models: Doogee MIX, Doogee MIX 2 and MIX Lite. We will tell you about the newest and budgetary version – Doogee MIX Lite. Except a screen with narrow frames and a dual camera, what more this device offers for the money, read in our review.


  • Processor: MediaTek MT6737
  • Display: 5.2 inches, HD
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Flash Memory: 16 GB
  • Camera: 13 Mp + 13 Mp
  • Operating system: Android 7.0 Nougat

Contents of delivery

Doogee MIX Lite is sold in a stylish black matte cardboard box. Let it be a budget phone, but the manufacturer has equipped it with a complete set. In addition to the standard charging unit and USB cable, there is also a protective film on the display (besides the factory pre-installed) and a transparent silicone case specially for this model. Headsets and other things are not here, well, right, anyway, decent headphones for such a price no one would put in the kit. We call the MIX Lite bundle enough for a 100-dollar phone.

Design, Assembly and Materials of The Case

The device is very compact, when you take it in your hand, it seems that you got a 4-inch phone. With a case height of 138 mm, the actual diagonal of the Doogee MIX Lite display is 5.2 inches. It becomes possible owing to the use of very narrow frames around the screen – in fact, this is the main secret of the compactness of the device.

Under the glass, metal and polycarbonate are used as the main materials of the body. The whole frame is made of metal, the back edge of plastic. The corners of the frame have a light matte grinding and look beautiful. The cover is immovable, it has a slight rounding to the edges, something like 2.5D effect. In the sun, the back side of MIX Lite shines. It shimmers like shades of blue, depending on the color of the case. By the way, they are available in three colors: black, golden and blue, like our test sample.

On the back edge, there is a double camera with a flash, and on the bottom, you’ll see a micro USB port, and a speaker with a microphone on the sides. On the left side, you can find a slot for SIM-cards, and on the right, there are a dual volume control and a knurled lock button (which is very good). There is a 3.5 mm audio jack on top and a fingerprint scanner and a self-camera under the screen. The dimension of the case is 138 × 73.2 × 8.6 mm.

Doogee builds this smartphone is one-piece. The keys work as expected, no squeaks and backlashes on the case was found. This is probably the only frameless smartphone in which you can reach one part of the display with one hand. So, we recommend it to the fan of compact phones.

Display and Controls

The screen here has an IPS matrix, a diagonal of 5.2 inches and HD resolution. The pixel density per square inch here is 282 ppi. The display occupies almost the entire front edge, there are frames around it, their thickness in 3-4 mm does not greatly strain. Let’s be honest, even Xiaomi Mi Mix had a thin frame around the perimeter.

Immediately under the screen, there is the “spot” on which the fingerprint scanner is located. It not only allows you to lock the phone, but also can navigate the system using gestures: touch, swap and long presses. There are no other buttons, and navigation keys are located directly on the screen.

The screen itself is very bright, I would even say extremely bright. It gives a slightly cold (blue) tint. In the settings, you can adjust the color temperature of the screen. In the dark, it is difficult to use, even at minimum brightness, there is no night mode available. But, even in the bright sun, there are no problems with the readability of Doogee MIX Lite.

There is a good factory calibration and the display understands your clicks and gestures without problems. The AnTuTu display test showed support for five simultaneous clicks on the sensor matrix. And the last thing you need to know about the Mix Lite screen is that it comes out of the box with a pre-installed film, plus an additional new one in the kit.

Processor, memory and performance

The heart of Doogee MIX Lite was the mobile processor Taiwanese MediaTek MT6737. This is a 64-bit single-chip system with 8-cores and a clock speed of 1.3 GHz per core. For the graphics, it comes with the ARM Mali-T720 system, and the memory contains 2/16 GB.

Inside the MIX Lite, you’ll see things similar to the devices that comes for the most common budget. It offers only 2 GB of RAM, of which after installing a pair of applications, less than one gigabyte remains available. About 10 gigabytes flash memory is offered, but it can be expanded by another 128 GB, thanks to standard memory cards format microSD.

In terms of performance, MIX Lite copes with all the basic things, such as, calls, SMS, browsing the Internet and photos. But, if you’re going to run something more serious on it, like medium-power games, or photo / video editors, be prepared to face light suspensions. In basic synthetic tests, the smartphone shows the following results:

  • AnTuTu: 23970 marks
  • Geekbench 4 Single: 534 points
  • Geekbench 4 Multi: 1529 credits

In the usual mode of use, the phone does not heat up at all, and its body remains constantly cold, which is rejoicing. In terms of the dissipation of heat from the processor, MIX Lite is doing well.

Operating System

Like its predecessor Doogee MIX, Lite version runs on the operating system Android 7.0 Nougat with a modified shell from the manufacturer. Application shortcuts look like a mix of iOS and Flyme. The preinstalled software in this phone is small: basic Google services, calculator, file manager, music player, FM radio, browser and voice recorder.

The interface works stably and quickly, both for a budget phone. At the bottom of the screen there are touch keys to help navigate the device. If desired, in the settings they can be adjusted to suit themselves, change the location and the ability to hide the buttons.

In addition to the built-in gestures for managing the phone, there are no special chips in the firmware. During the testing, software updates did not come. And there is very little chance that this budget device will someday be updated to Android 8.0 Oreo and above. But Android N on the smartphone feels good and works steadily for the joy of users.

Interfaces and Communication

Doogee MIX Lite x is a 4G smartphone. Except for LTE, its modem supports 3G and 2G networks. Among the wireless interfaces, there are Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, HotKnot and Bluetooth 4.0. And among the physical wired, there is a micro USB port without OTG support and a 3.5 mm audio output on the top edge. All networks and interfaces work as expected. Telephone calls, SMS and mobile Internet do not cause any complaints about work. The scanner is located on the front edge, it is convenient to use, thanks to a compact body. The percentage of its operations is also high.

Cameras and sample pictures

Cameras in the Doogee MIX Lite are two, or rather three, if you take into account the front camera. The main one is represented by two modules of 13 Mp each, a Samsung sensor manufacturer. The aperture here is set to f / 2.2 in normal shooting mode, but in Blur mode, it can be changed programmatically.

The detailing of the MIX Lite camera is good, as well as the color rendering. In fact, it was very nice to see such a camera in a budget device. The feature of focusing works evenly only in the center of the picture, on the sides you can see a slight blurring of the focus. In the settings, there are manual camera settings, but even in the automatic mode, you can shoot a couple of good frames for Instagram.

There is also a panorama, Beauty, night mode and black and white, with which you can shoot beautiful monochrome photographs. Still there is a zoom, which imitates a 1.5-fold magnification. The quality of photos is not worse than usual, so this is a plus.

Video is recorded in the maximum quality of HD 30 fps and below. Even when you record video clips, you can enable 1.5x zoom. The video quality is rather mediocre, yet the Doogee MIX Lite camera is more suitable for photos than video shooting. View your photos in the pre-installed Google Photos.

Now a few words about the front camera – If you look directly at the phone screen, it is located on the lower left corner. The sensor is set to 8 MP, with a wide viewing angle of 90 degrees. During taking selfies, MIX Lite asks you to turn the device 180 degrees to make the camera appear in the more familiar upper right corner. Among the settings there is a mode of eye enlargement, narrowing of the chin and other decorations.

If you overdo it with effects, you can get quite a frightening photo. In general terms, the quality of the front camera is slightly worse than the main one. Well, it’s worth considering the location of the lens itself – not the most convenient for lovers of Selfie. There is no frontal flash, you can see the picture quality below.

Battery and autonomy

The battery capacity of Doogee MIX Lite is 3080 mAh. Personally, I had enough charge for 1-1.5 days of use. The battery ran out slowly, especially if you do not keep the brightness level on the redistribution. I listen to online music on a smartphone, sometimes I check Facebook, analytics of a site and something I read on the Internet. I play very little games, especially on test images. As for me, the autonomy at 1.5 is a completely decent result for the worker in budget.

Charge the smartphone with voltage and current 5V / 1A. But it can be charged from 5V / 2A. The total charge time is a little more than 1.5 hours. When charging, the case practically does not heat up and remains cold. The discharge occurs evenly, without jumps, dips and unexpected loss of battery power.

Ease of use and recall

The phone has got an attractive design. Yet, I cannot call it super-frameless. Yes, it has a narrow framework on three sides, but nothing else. All controls are concentrated at the bottom. For a scanner, this would be the typical situation. But for a self-camera, this is an unfortunate arrangement. When shooting to the front camera, Doogee MIX Lite needs to be rotated, or you can get a picture of it if you photographed from the bottom.

Overall Impression: This is a good and compact budget phone with a normal margin of autonomy, a good main camera and a very bright IPS display. Minuses – the inconvenient location of the front camera and only 2 GB of RAM, which is not enough in 2017 and 2018. Pluses – I will boldly appreciate a bright screen readable even in the sun, a fluted lock key, build quality and excellent ergonomics.

Liked Did not like
Ergonomics The screen is not very illiterate either
Bright display 2 GB RAM
Autonomy Position of the front camera
Basic cameras

Price and where to buy

In the official Doogee store on Aliexpress, the MIX Lite smartphone sells for $118-120. Such a price tag does not hit the budget at all and is adequate for such a device. Similar smartphones on this processor are sold for reasonable price, the manufacturer did not make an additional mark-up for the “marketing” frameless display.