Review and Testing: Game Mouse COUGAR 700M Superior: Transformers come

Review and Testing: Game Mouse COUGAR 700M Superior: Transformers come

Modern gamers are already fed up with monotonous models. They need something more than classical format, quality switches, high-performance sensor and functional software. But the manufacturers are offering some minor changes and therefore, can’t introduce something innovative. Not to mention, they gamers are waiting for a bold and radical approach with external design and flexible options for customizing ergonomics. That situation led to a distinct class of gaming mice, called transformers. COUGAR 700 M Superior belongs to such class.

Apart from the stunning design, the manipulator contains a number of interesting features, which we will describe in the review. Let’s take a look at technical characteristics first.

Delivery and equipment

The COUGAR 700M Superior gaming mouse has got a very original packaging. The box is made of black cardboard and has a large transparent window. Same thing is used for car collector models or comic book characters. Overall, it looks very nice, and also offers loads of information.

Besides the user documentation, we found two removable sub-panels, a magazine for weights, four 4.5-gram weighting machines and branded stickers. Drivers and software can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer.


Appearance, Location of Elements and Impressions of Work

The COUGAR 700M Superior is an advanced version of the COUGAR 700M, which in 2014 received the prestigious iF Product Design Award. Looking at the novelty, you’ll fully understand that it confirms the reputation of an unusual device. Fancifully, it seems like an association with a racing car and a space shuttle. However, first of all we have a functional gaming mouse. Now it became clear from where the Chinese derived their inspiration to invent the recently introduced AJAZZ GTX model we tested.

Irregular shape is achieved due to a plurality of beveled sides and a dedicated pad for the thumb. It is designed exclusively for right-handers. Despite the fears associated with the design features, ergonomics proved to be very good. We understand that it may take some time to get used to it for any other game mouse user.

The case turned out to be rather compact and low-profile, nevertheless it is the best shape for owners with medium and large hands. The main grip is on the “palm” or “claw”. It perfectly fits the hand, especially after manual adjustments for a few minutes. Due to well-thought-out design, the device does not feel slippery and therefore, never strive to escape the hold.

Talking of structure – the device is a central frame on which the remaining parts are fixed. The frame itself is made of fairly thick aluminum, painted in a bright orange color. It has a dentate-angular shape from above and the front of the body is little bit swollen, and from below a cross is formed in the central part. The scroll wheel is made of metal, supplemented with a rubber lining. The rest of the elements are made of practical black matte plastic, which has a soft-touch coating on the sides and a texture that resembles a honeycomb.

COUGAR 700M Superior pleases us with quality performance and better rigidity, in spite of the fact that we have an open design. It is only necessary to note that dust and other fine particles are likely to accumulate in bare places and cracks.

The main keys are separated from the back of the case and have side edges for convenient gripping. Underneath are the familiar Japanese Omron D2FC-F-7N switches with the capacity of withstanding up to 5 million keystrokes. Buttons are quite loud and are pressed comfortably. The move is short, with a clear response.

Near the LMC, there is a small additional button “Fire”, medium tightness and moderate loudness. Between the main buttons, there was a scroll wheel with textured rubber notches and a mechanical encoder, the model of which is still unknown. Nevertheless, it has well-defined division of positions, a smooth transition between them and a fairly quiet job, and as already mentioned, the click is loud. Behind the wheel, there is an angular button to quickly change the resolution of the sensor with a moderate volume and a short stroke.

Time to reveal the most interesting fact! The rear panel is replaceable, and there are two of them in the delivery set. The second is not only more compact, but also has a soft-touch coating. Thanks to the hinged fastening, it is possible to adjust its height and tilt with a helical gear. All these allow you to maximally adapt the ergonomics of the device to the anatomical features of the user.

The side panels of the COUGAR 700M Superior feature grooves and anti-slip embossed inserts for easy grip. On the right, in addition to the usual buttons “Back” and “Forward”, there is an “Aiming” key, which is located at an angle of 45 ° connected to the main body part. The first two switches have a short and medium tight stroke, as well as a low volume. The latter is characterized by a rather tight and not the shortest stroke, but with the same moderate volume. In both cases, there are no random triggers, and depending on the type of grip, all the keys fall exactly under the thumb.


Similar to the COUGAR Revenger, in the COUGAR 700M Superior, specialized software COUGAR UIX is provided. This allows to expand the functionality of the device and adjust it to the needs and tastes of a particular user. It is made matching the company oriented colors, which is beautiful enough and is characterized by an intuitive interface, as well as good localization. If necessary, you can update the mouse driver and its microcode. As for the set of settings and functions, their number is very large. There is the possibility of changing the sensitivity of the sensor, the polling frequency, the height of the detachment and the reaction speed of the buttons, the assignment of actions for all keys of the manipulator, including the direction of scrolling. Of course, there is a macro editor that permits you to register not only the usual pressures, but also the cursor movements and delay time. The Illumination section lets you select the color and the backlight mode. All settings can be saved to profiles, and they can be tied to a specific application or game. The device has built-in memory for exporting/importing three user profiles. Therefore, if you take the mouse with you to the LAN-parties, you do not have to install the software again – everything is at hand.


Summarizing the above discussion, we want to emphasize on the fact that the gaming mouse COUGAR 700 M Superior is a very interesting and functional device. Its unusual appearance and customizable ergonomics are perhaps its main trump card. Despite the multicomponent design of the manipulator, it feels very good, especially the use of high-quality materials.

As for the installed laser sensor Pixart A9800, during the testing it proved to be a good feature, showing excellent speed and accuracy. The combination of eight programmable keys and functional proprietary software makes it possible to turn a mouse into a convenient tool for work and a real “cheat” tool of a modern gamer. And thanks to the built-in memory, it can store up to three profiles of settings, without having to re-install the software – just configured it once and forgotten forever. The final touch in the advanced design of the manipulator is the illumination a “headlight”, which looks very nice.

Finally, the COUGAR 700M Superior can be safely recommended to those users who want to get a really unusual, spectacular mouse with thoughtful ergonomics and rich equipment.


Futuristic design;

Good build quality and materials;

Convenient variable ergonomics;

8 programmable buttons;

Cable in cloth braid and with gold-plated USB-plug;

Cute LED lighting;

Laser sensor Pixart A9800 with a maximum resolution of 12,000 DPI;

Built-in memory and 32-bit processor ARM Cortex-M0;

Functional firmware.


The device would be best suited for large and medium-sized palms.