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 Along with the well-known brands requesting a lot of money for their products, one can also find models from less known companies that are sold at a relatively affordable price. Among such manufacturers, the Chinese company Marvo was marked on our market in 2015. In its store, there are not only mice, keyboards, rugs and headsets, but also acoustics. And since this year, the company has also started producing computer gaming cases.

Our editorial board gets acquainted with the products of this manufacturer through the Destiny K945 keyboard. Marvo positioned it as a premium game mechanical keyboard, switching the KAILH Brown with blue backlight and aluminum coating. It is worth noting that this inexpensive mechanical keyboard is the most featured keyboard of this manufacturer.


  • Keyboard type: wired mechanical;
  • Switches: KAILH brown;
  • Interface: USB 2.0;
  • Number of keys: 104;
  • Switch life: 50 million presses;
  • Backlight: LED, blue, three modes;
  • Macros: None;
  • Multimedia keys: yes;
  • AntiGhosting: yes;
  • Drainage: no;
  • Response: 1 ms;
  • Number of simultaneous keystrokes: NKRO;
  • Dedicated WarZone keys: none;
  • Cable: in fabric braiding 1.8 m;
  • Features: metal housing cover, skeleton;
  • Dimensions: 485 × 50 × 202 mm;
  • Weight: 1045 g.


The keyboard is delivered in a cardboard box with glossy color printing. There is an image of the keyboard itself, model name and description of the backlight capabilities on the front side.

Description of the multimedia keys and other features are on the back side.

Inside the box the keyboard is packed in a plastic bag and the cable is stored in a separate cell. In the kit, there is only a brief user’s manual with a list of function keys and a combination of keys for adjusting the backlight.


We are now familiar to the classic minimalist design of mechanical skeleton keyboard designs. These models were more often tested in our editorial office. On their background, the Marvo Destiny K945 model looks rather showy: the brutal chopped shape of the case, the metal front panel, the bright blue illumination, the cable in the fabric braid with the red thread, the panel under the wrist with the soft-touch coating. In general, the body is fashioned with a certain detail of robotics – transformers lovers will like it.

The case of the keyboard is made of plastic. The upper front panel is stamped from a fairly thin aluminum sheet which looks solid. In rigidity, this option is inferior to mid-budget mechanical keyboards, that are built out of thick and durable plastic.

The bottom panel is made of a combination of glossy and matte plastic. The keyboard body edges are also plastic.

We see four rubberized pads from the bottom, and two reclining legs, for which there are no rubberized inserts. The keyboard can slip on the table top with open legs.

A small panel is provided under the wrist. There is a trapezoidal insert with a soft-touch coating underneath the main keypad. Stylized screw heads are screwed under the hex screwdriver at the corners of this insert and on the angular beveled protrusions of the body.

The USB cable is attached to the right side of the upper end, and an insert protects it from bending.

The cable is made of a fabric braid that has black and red thread. This soft material ends with a gold-plated plug with a ferrite filter.


The number of keys is 104, additional options (i.e. the Fn key, a combination) are added to the top row of keys F1-F12. Basically, these are for controlling the player and multimedia functions. There is a function of locking the “Win” key and switching to the gamer mode, when the arrows change with the WASD block. The function button turns on and adjusts the backlight in combination with “Esc”.

The rest of the layout is standard – long Shift keys, one-level Enter. But, the mutual arrangement of Latin symbols and Cyrillic alphabet deviates it from the usual standard. We are used to their arrangement diagonally, but in this model the symbols are plotted in one row. If you do not have the skills of blind printing, you will have to get used to it, but on the other hand, this arrangement of symbols promotes their uniform illumination. Otherwise, the Russian characters would not have been highlighted, since the LED backlight is on top of the switches.

The shape of the caps is also slightly different from the usual ones. Like most keyboards the upper surface is not just curved in, but also is recessed from the edges to the center. Although key rows are located in the usual steps, which is convenient for office use of the keyboard when typing, but it is not very pronounced.

Another feature – the considerable height of the caps are relative to the base. This is due to the use of long stroked KAILH brown sweeper.

Keyboard without retractable legs:

  • The height of the body at the top point is 25 mm
  • The height of the body at the bottom point is 12 mm
  • The height of the keys of the sixth row is 44 mm
  • The height of the keys of the first row is 38 mm

Keyboard with the decomposed legs:

  • The height of the body at the top point is 33 mm
  • The height of the body at the bottom point is 11 mm
  • The height of the keys of the sixth row is 52 mm
  • The height of the keys of the first row is 39 mm

Tactilely, KAILH brown switches perfectly allow you to feel the moment of pressing registration. Having sensed the moment of operation, you can release the key. So, there is no need to press the key to the end. Accustomed to this feature, we will get a quieter job. The switches have a smooth stroke and there is no characteristic click when pressed. But the keys themselves are loud, the main noise occurs when you press hard to the end.

While operating, impact in the area of 1.2 mm from the start of the stroke requires an effort of 45 grams and at the point of tactility, it should be 55 grams.

The caps are made of translucent plastic, inside we see the stiffeners. The symbols are laser-printed after staining.

Wide keys stabilize at the edges of the additional mechanism. When pressing the edge, it eliminates their skew.

A blue LED is at the top of the switches. The backlight not only visualizes the symbols on the caps, but also advantageously highlights the aluminum base. In the form of narrow inserts additional areas of illumination are realized on the device sides. Peculiarly, there was one in our copy. When pressing on the center of the case with the legs thrown back, apparently, the left insert with the illumination began to flash, may be there is a bad contact somewhere.

You can completely turn off the backlight, and also set one of two modes: constant glow or breathing. The modes are switched by the Esc + Fn combination, the PageUP / PageDawn + Fn combinations adjust the brightness of the glow. The backlight is bright, all symbols are perfectly readable in the dark.


The keyboard Marvo Destiny K945 proved to be very good in games and typing. Classic layout does not require a lot of addiction. You will get used to high keys quickly, a wrist promotes small support under it. It is quite convenient in games, but according to the subjective opinion of the author, it requires a wider stand for typing.

The majority of players like KAILH brown Switches. They are tactile, identical to Cherry MX Brown and a bit similar to the Logitech Romer-G. The only thing that cannot arrange is the volume of their work. You can, of course, avoid excessive knocking of keys by adapting short strokes.

On the number of simultaneous clicks, the keyboard has no restrictions. All wide keys are stabilized. The caps have a comfortable ergonomic shape, and the matte surface does not collect prints.

The manufacturer has equipped its top-end keyboard with convenient and high-quality switches. The keys are implemented perfectly. The potential buyer may have a question: “Why is this model cheaper than similar solutions?” Let’s look at the compromises the manufacturer has made. The lack of a fashionable RGB-backlight rushes immediately in the eyes, the presence of which can be seen even in budget solutions based on plunger mechanisms that mimic the mechanics. We will be satisfied only in blue. Of the implicit features, there are no customizable macro keys and software. Famous manufacturers prefer to install quiet switches in their new models, we have quite loud mechanical switches here. Also, the keyboard lacks moisture protection and drainage channel. In the process of operation, the insufficient hardness of the keyboard body became noticeable. Despite the metal front panel, the casing is bent centrally with strong pressing. This is especially evident with open legs, plus there are no rubber labels in this position.

The design of the body shape is for the amateur. Users, who prefer a strict classic, may not like it. To teenagers and youth, such hi-tech and an emphasizing game orientation device, is pleasant.


The Marvo Destiny K945 gaming keyboard with its price is a good choice for familiarizing yourself with mechanical switches. It can be advised to novice amateur gamers. They’ll love its stylish design, the use of KAILH brown switches, the presence of bright and uniform blue backlighting, quality production. Lack of RGB-backlighting, loud work when typing, as well as the lack of macro-keys and software are on the bad side. The characters arrangement in one row, high from the bottom of the key, the presence of a wrist rest with soft-touch coating and stabilized long keys can be noted on the features.


  • Affordable price;
  • KAILH brown Switches;
  • Presence of adjustable backlight;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • Quality manufacture;
  • Presence of function keys;
  • Uniform illumination of symbols;
  • Metal front panel;
  • Technology Anti-ghosting;
  • Full-NKRO support;
  • Lock the “Win” button;
  • The ability to switch arrows to the WASD block;
  • Stable long keys;
  • High-quality braided cable.


  • High noise with fast typing;
  • Lack of software;
  • Narrow wrist rest;
  • Insufficient rigidity of the case with open legs.

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