Review: Tt eSports Challenger Prime. Gaming keyboard with backlight and macro buttons

Review of Tt eSports Challenger Prime. Gaming keyboard with backlight and macro buttons
Written by Tyler Rondman

Review: Tt eSports Challenger Prime. Gaming keyboard with backlight and macro buttons

How often do you use macro commands in different games? Yes, there are still players who did not even try them in action, and do not understand that it is very convenient and effective. Perhaps this is due to the fact that multi-functional game keyboards that allow you to create and use macros are too expensive. Today we would like to present to your attention a budget game keyboard from the company Thermaltake. Meet in front of you Tt eSports Challenger Prime. Let’s get a little closer to this novelty.

Review and Test of Tt eSports Challenger Prime

Contents of delivery

The device is delivered in the usual packaging on which you can find all the necessary information about this keyboard. At the time of writing, the average cost of the device, according to the YandexMarket service, was about 2550 rubles. Package Included:

  • Tt eSports Challenger Prime Keyboard
  • User’s manual
  • Warranty card


  • Backlight: 3 colors
  • Cable length: 1.5 m
  • Fabric braided cable
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Keyboard type: Membrane
  • Material of construction: plastic
  • Full N-Key Rollover
  • Additional keys: 9
  • Multimedia Keys
  • 3 game profiles
  • Macro Manager
  • Number of macro keys 6×3
  • Resource buttons up to 10,000,000 keystrokes
  • Cyrillic / Latin script layout
  • Article KB-CHM-MBBLRU-01
  • Weight: 1437 g
  • Interface connection: USB 2.0
  • Height / Width / Length: 24/239/508 mm


The device received under its management quality materials and excellent assembly, it is made of black plastic. Pleases that plastic does not emit unpleasant smells of cheap plastic. In addition, at the edges you can see matte and glossy inserts, giving the keyboard a premium look.

The placement of the main key block is performed in the usual scheme, except for the shortened Enter and the additional key Fn.

On the left side of the main key block, additional keys for T1-T6 macros are displayed.

On the top of the screen, multimedia keys are displayed separately, next to which you can see the keys for changing the profile.

Between them flaunts the wheel brightness dimmer backlight. Initially, the idea comes to mind that it is responsible for adjusting the volume, and the developers decided to go further and added an interesting opportunity.

The key stroke is long, and the sound is very soft and pleasant, but it’s still audible, especially if you’re going to play your favorite game when everyone went to bed. The font used is perfectly readable.

I was glad that the cursor block, Insert-PageDn and numeric keys remained without any changes.

On the lower part of the device the palm rest has settled, it is pleased that it is of sufficient length that the hands are not suspended in the air during play or work. Of course, in the ideal, it was still possible to push it to yourself. On the central part there is a dragon logo.

At the bottom of the keyboard are fixed rubber feet preventing the device from sliding. There are also folding legs, which allow to increase or decrease the angle of inclination.

Special attention will be drawn to the special holes necessary for draining liquids, in case you spilled on the keyboard, for example water. That is, the device has received protection from water, but this does not mean that the keyboard can be washed under the tap and dipped entirely into the water.

The power cable has received a cloth braid and its length of 1.5 m is enough to install the keyboard at any convenient place for you.

Customization and functionality

Perhaps start with the fact that on the official website of the company you can download the software to this gaming keyboard, where you can fully configure all the necessary functions and configure macros. The software itself is very simple and convenient to use, which allows you to understand all the manipulations of even the most inexperienced users.

Here you can create several profiles, for example, for each game. If you are not interested in macros, you can assign any other commands to additional keys. I’m glad that the functions of the keys from the main panel can also be changed. The profile can be saved and not worried for its safety, which allows you to use your settings even transferring the keyboard to other PCs.

The backlight received three colors: red, blue and purple. In addition, you can switch the backlight to ripple mode. The device perfectly shows itself in the dark. Thanks to the brightness control of the backlight, you can always set the optimum value for yourself.

Macro keys have a convenient location, they can be freely reached by the little finger and use the necessary commands. In addition, the device can store up to three profiles and to switch between them use specially derived keys M1/2/3. That is, the macro keys can be 18, instead of 6.

For convenience, developers have installed on the top panel of the multimedia function keys: “my computer”, the browser, go back to the homepage in the browser and the media player function keys. In addition, using the combination of the Fn + PrtScr keys, you can switch to the game mode, thereby disabling the functions of the Windows keys. In addition, additional functions that work in conjunction with the Fn key are located on the F1-F12 keys.

Final Words for Tt eSports Challenger Prime

Let’s sum up the game keyboard Challenger Prime. For a small cost, you get almost a full replacement for expensive solutions. Among the advantages can be noted the following: high-quality assembly and materials, excellent design, additional buttons management, the ability to create macros, the availability of software, good lighting and of course the price. Of the minuses, we personally did not rush into the eyes. The device fully justifies its value. The choice is yours, we can only show and tell.

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