Review Vernee Mix 2: the first frameless smartphone company

Review Vernee Mix 2: the first frameless smartphone company

The selling sites already have enough and detailed information about Vernee Mix 2, and very soon, it should start accepting submissions for pre-order of the device. Most probably, this fresh gadget is scheduled to be released on October.

Story Behind the Name

It’s natural to ask: why the novelty is called Mix 2, even after the company owned a Vernee Mix smartphone? This question was never answered by the company’s representatives. We assume that, through this technique, they’re presenting an opposition of last year’s Xiaomi Mix.

That is, Vernee positions its “Mix” as a “particularly frameless” second-generation smartphone, which in many respects, is better and more perfect than its predecessors. However, this is just a hypothesis, and the mystery behind such a name goes on and the debate continues.


Though Vernee Mix 2 is a Chinese company like HomTom. Their contrariness reflects in Mix 2’s not “reinventing the wheel”. It just copies of the original Xiaomi Mi Mix with a little bit changes such as – the smartphone includes a large extended screen that has no frame. The front camera is in the lower right corner.

As a whole, very small room around the display is available, but the manufacturer managed to place the front speaker on its top. Otherwise, we would have to use a very inconvenient and expensive design of Xiaomi, which conveys sound directly into the inner ear.

As already mentioned above, the back cover of Vernee Mix 2 is covered with shockproof glass with a glossy surface, imitating the Samsung flagships of recent years. The design of the dual core is akin to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. You’ll get around fingerprint at the top center.

Similar to the photo above, all the mechanical elements (volume keys and the “Power” button) are located on the right-side face, the 3.5 mm audio jack is at the top near the left edge. Slots for SIM cards (Hybrid) and MicroSD is on the left.

Below is the USB Type-C connector in the middle, the main speaker grille and the microphone. The very frame of the body, which was mentioned in the section about the chips of Mix 2, is made of metal.

Disadvantages of a smartphone

• Hybrid slot for MicroSD cards (but taking into account the presence of the built-in “flash drive” capacity of 64 Gb, it is not such a strong limitation).

• The lack of support for NFC and wireless charging (although for this money it will go quite as well).

• Impractical glossy surface of the back cover.

• A minimalistic package (headphones, a cover and a protective film/glass have to be ordered separately).

Pricing Issue and Where to Buy

The starting price of the Vernee Mix 2, declared by the manufacturer, is $229.99. However, lucky are those who will be able to purchase the novelty for only 99.99 units of American currency.

At the beginning of the sales, the device can be purchased for $189.99 with a discount of $40. To access to this offer, you need to place an order in the online store GearBest until October 6.

Short Resume

In our opinion, Vernee has almost succeeded in creating the best inexpensive alternative to the flagship Xiaomi Mi Mix and other frameless flagships from the leading brands in the smartphone market. “Almost” being the keyword. Because the device has not yet been officially released (but it will happen very soon).

If you compare the new Vernee Mix 2 with competitors from the Middle Kingdom, then it has some features of top-end smartphones – Miami, LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone X.

So, if you want to have a smartphone with a fashionable chip, in the form of a large frameless extra wide screen in 2017, then to this Mix 2 from Vernee is definitely worth a closer look. Moreover, for this money ($229.99 dollars, and at a discount – even cheaper), you simply will not find anything equivalent to it.

The only concern is that, no matter how aggressive promotion strategy Vernee chooses, they still are in risk of getting ditched following the footsteps of the infamous LeEco (LeTV). The latter one has descended from a promising market leader to the first candidate for bankruptcy within a year.