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Review Xiaomi Redmi 4X Very Good Cheap Smatphone-Xiaomi Redmi 4X Coupon

Review Xiaomi Redmi 4X- Xiaomi Redmi 4X Discount Code


Xiaomi Redmi 4X decided to change the appearance of the budget phone a little, refused angular shapes, the outlines became smoother. The case of a small smartphone made of metal, at the top and bottom are plastic inserts, like the Meizu M3s, for example. In my case, the phone is golden in color, plastic parts differ in color, but this is a standard problem for all such design solutions.

The assembly is good, the “back” is not pushed, but the location of the 3.5 mm headphone jack is a sick wound for the perfectionist. You could have drilled a hole precisely in the center, but here it’s shifted to the very edge.

Under the screen 3 touch buttons without backlight, under the central located LED. The notification comes – the phone flashes, put on charging – it also glows, convenient.


Budget Xiaomi love for the filling, it’s understandable, while the rest put the old MediaTek, Meizu for example, Xiaomi has fresh Qualcomm processors. Specifically in this model Snapdragon 435 and 2/16 GB of memory. There is also a more expensive modification with 3/32 GB of memory. The results in the tests – like the “regular” Xiaomi Redmi 4. Yes, it does not beat records for the quality of graphics, but among budget phones and so the result is normal. Increase the amount of memory can be a microSD card, putting it in place of the second SIM-card.


The camera here is exactly the same as in Redmi 4, no changes. Frontal for 5 megapixels, and the main one – for 13 megapixels. The figures are kind of promising, but the quality of the images, as they say on YouTube, “Well, that”. I can not criticize the meaning, budget phones can not shoot qualitatively, so it’s started.


If you compare the characteristics of Xiaomi Redmi 4 and Redmi 4X, then you will see that the phones are the same. All the difference in design, but not everyone can notice it. If you are not a fan of Xiaomi and do not follow the development of the brand, then for you it is the same type of Chinese phones without clan and tribe, most importantly – cheap ones. And if there is no difference between the Redmi 4 and 4X, then which one to choose? The one that is cheaper, the answer is simple.

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