Review: Yi 4K Camera – Good Display and 4K Shooting

Written by Tyler Rondman

Review: Yi 4K Camera – Good Display and 4K Shooting

This year Xiaomi introduced an update to its line of sports action cameras and released the Yi 4K Action Camera. The novelty emerges as a direct competitor to GoPro Hero4 and similar cameras. We were one of the first to get Yi 4K Camera and we are ready to share with you our impressions. Read the details in the review for learning more about the product.


If GoPro is advertised at various sporting events and is associated with extreme sports, then the Yi Camera is also an everyday compact camera for everyone with the option of action-shooting. It’s available with various accessories, such as monopods, which are not about sports, but rather about capturing bright moments of life.

Yi 4K Action Camera is a camera for everyone. It is powerful and compact and can attract almost anyone who likes photo and video shooting.




A type



Ambarella A9SE75

Recording resolution (frames / sec.)

4K, 1080p, 720p

Recording format



12.35 Mp, Sony IMX377


fixed F2.8

LCD touch screen

2.19 “, 330 PPI Retina Touch Screen

Screen extension

640 × 360

Viewing Angle

160 o

Screen ratio

16: 9


there is



Battery capacity

1400 mAh


two-way BCM43340, 802.11 a / b / g / n 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

Memory card support

microSD (up to 128 GB)

Shock resistance

there is

The weight

95 grams


Night Black

Contents of delivery

We reviewed the Yi 4K Action Camera in the basic configuration, it comes in a small white cardboard box. Inside it, you’ll get the camera itself and a short USB-cord for charging. As you can see, the delivery kit is the smallest.

It’s also worth noting that Yi 4K Camera can record photos and videos only on an external memory card, which is not included in the package, Yi Cam also does not have its own memory.

Design and layout of controls

Yi 4K Action Camera has the original features of the original first-generation Xiaomi Yi Camera, but the design has changed slightly. We have a review of the black Yi 4K Camera, although there is still a pearly-white and pink camera. Like the previous one, the novelty is made of plastic, weighing 95 grams.

The size of the camera is 65 × 42 × 21 mm and it is 5 mm wider than the first Yi Camera. In addition, the new 4K camera has only one control key. It is on the top edge and is responsible for turning on and off, and also for starting and pausing photos and video shooting. The camera is deprived of Wi-Fi buttons and separate power buttons and shutter release, and for fulfilling all these purposes, the Yi 4K Action Camera has a touch screen.

The screen is mounted on the back edge and it has a diagonal of 2.19 “inches with a dot density of 330 ppi per square inch. The manufacturer introduces the Retina display, apparently due to the large resolution of 640 × 360 pixels. We’ll describe more about the display below.

On the top of the camera, there are microphones with a speaker, and on the front near the lens, you’ll see an oval LED for displaying the status of the survey. On the left side, there is a charging port under the plug, and on the bottom, a universal mount for the tripod and a cover that opens access to the battery and slot under the microSD memory card are located.

Display and Camera Control

The screen in Yi 4K Action Camera is of very high quality. Everything is clearly visible on it, and its sensor is very responsive and fast. The aspect ratio is 16: 9, the diagonal is 2.19 inches, the resolution is 640 × 360 pixels, and the pixel density per inch is 330 ppi. The viewing angle at the Yi 4K Camera display is 160 degrees.

Managing the camera by means of touch input is a real pleasure. The manufacturer has provided many settings, which is conveniently and logically distributed through the tabs of the menu.

Using the touch input, you can select the shooting mode, adjust the ISO, select the frequency of Wi-Fi and much more. If the first Yi Camera almost completely depended on the smartphone, then Yi 4K Action Camera can be called an independent gadget.

Some interesting chips of the display:

• Shutter with fast functions

• Gesture Slide to unlock the screen

• Tap on the display to activate it

• View photos and videos directly on the camera screen

Iron: camera, processor and more

Yi 4K Action Camera has a wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 155 degrees and a design of 7 optical lenses. The sensor used Sony IMX377 at 12.35 Mp with a fixed aperture was F2.8. This is slightly smaller than the 16-megapixel Sony Exmor IMX206 sensor in the first Yi Camera. But IMX377 works faster and can handle 4K shooting.

The processor Ambarella A9SE75 is responsible for processing all data, this is the newest chip in the line. Even GoPro Hero4 is equipped with an older version of Ambarella A9. As for wireless technologies, there is a two-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n VSM43340, at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The battery capacity is 1400 mAh.

Yi 4K Action Camera supports microSD memory cards up to 128 GB, this is twice as much as the first generation (Yi Camera supports 64 GB cards). Also, the camera has minimal protection against impacts and falls.

Photo and Video Shooting Capabilities

Yi 4K Action Camera, as the name suggests, can shoot in 4K format and 30 fps. In addition, in the settings you can select the following formats for shooting MP4 video clips with the h264 codec:

• 4K – (3840 × 2160) – 30/25 fps (60 mbps)

• 2.5K – (2560 × 1920) – 30/25 fps

• 1140p – (1920 × 1440) – 60/50/30/25 fps

• 1080p – (1920 × 1080) – 120/100/60/50/30/25 fps

• 960p – (1280 × 960) – 120/100/60/50 fps

• 720p – (1280 × 720) – 240/200 fps

• 480p – (848 × 480) – 240/200 fps


• 12 Mp (4000 x 3000)

• 8 Mp (3840 x 2160)

• 7 Mp (3008 x 2256)

• 5 Mp (2560 x 1920)

The Following Basic Modes are Still Available:

• SloMo video

• TimeLaplse video

• Burst (reusable)

• Loop

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