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Short Review: LucidSound LS25 eSports Headset. Good for eSports

Short Review: LucidSound LS25 eSports Headset. Good for eSports

Recently, it has become fashionable to do everything for e-sports – monitors, game peripherals, even chairs. All this is done to ensure that users read the news that such a headset, like the LucidSound LS25 eSports, went out for e-sports and thought it was incredibly cool and that it was worth it to buy. Plus, a couple of photos with famous players to add to the network and all sales were a success. Just let’s look at the model of the headset more closely and decide whether it’s worth your attention or all this spraying of eSports is actually just marketing? Nevertheless, as you already noticed for certain, not every thing with the prefix “for eSports” is actually different from any other usual piece of hardware for a gamer. This means that you need to carefully select the devices and look first at the characteristics, and then on the inscriptions and slogans of marketers. Have driven to look!


At the heart of this gaming headset are two neodymium speakers of 50 millimeters. It is worth noting that there is absolutely nothing surprising and new in this, exactly the same dynamics exist in most headphones above the middle class, so we were not surprised. Declared support for frequencies from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, again – quite standard characteristics, but honest, for this it is worth saying thanks. Typically, manufacturers like to write something like 5 Hz to 40000 Hz. I wish I could hear the ultrasound, right? The headset is connected to a computer, a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, and even to a console, a 3.5-mm jack, that is, it is combined, not pair, as many might think. And, as you already knew, there is no backlighting for the headset, because we do not feed power to the USB, and no backlight can work on the 3.5mm connector.

Body Design

Great emphasis on the developer makes well the comfort of using the device – lightweight design, soft ear cups and so on. To begin with, the ear pads are really big and soft, they cover the whole ear and because of this you can play long enough without fatigue in your ears. This is really important, because sometimes you play for five to eight hours and then your ears just ache and it’s not very pleasant. The headband is also soft, it is threaded and looks very solid, to kill such a headset with usual use will be problematic, which pleases. Outwardly, I liked the gadget too, but these are already subjective moments.


It should be noted that the bundle includes two cables – one 1.2 meter cable with one convector at the end, it’s for smartphones, tablets and other uses when the device is near you. The second cable is 3 meters with two convectors at the end – you plug the first cable into it and connect it to a computer, for example, and play from the couch. In addition, the headset was pleased at once with two microphones – one here built into the case and it’s so self, and the second on a flexible bar and it can be removed.

The result

The cost of the gaming headset is $80 and you should already have understood that the inscription “for eSports” is here only for marketing. To begin with, no one makes headphones for this level with a built-in microphone, no one makes a connection for one mini-jack, plus a cost of 80 bucks says not the highest quality of materials and assembly. So this is an excellent option for a gamer, the body is stylish and unusual, but if you want to eSports, then you absolutely do not need such a thing, believe me. But, for ordinary gaming sessions with friends it will do.