Smartphone HTC U11: Questions and Answers

Written by Tyler Rondman

Smartphone HTC U11: Questions and Answers

In recent years, many things went wrong with HTC. The reason is that they could not create a competitive smartphone. The U11 model was supposed to lead the Taiwanese manufacturer out of this whirlpool. Did it work out? Let’s find out.

What is in the box?

The cute white box contains a charging unit and a USB cable, a clip for the SIM tray, a wired headset with removable ear pads, a plastic case, and an adapter with USB C to the familiar 3.5mm jack. In general, the equipment turned out to be quite plush, by modern standards.

What is groundbreaking about the appearance?

Nothing unusual, familiar to other Smartphones they used a combination of glass and metal. The fact is the designs used in most brands available and did not attract attention. What did stand out what the mirror covering on the back cover and looked promising in promo materials?

In fact, it is very posh. However, to keep it shining you need to keep a clean soft rag on hand to keep wiping it clean. The other problem is the front panel that looks boring. The aspect ratio does not correspond to modern trends, the upper and lower frame is wide, and lateral ones could be thinner.

The fingerprint scanner takes up useful space and they can move it to the rear panel. Another important feature they did not bypass is the IP67 standards protecting the phone against dust and moisture.

In what colors is the phone available?

You can buy the U11 in black, white, gray, blue, and red.

How well does the screen perform?

Normal, yet still remains modern. Again, the ratio of 18:9 is not present, and it has rounded corners. The diagonal measurements familiar-5.5 inches on an IPS matrix, but with a steep Quad HD resolution (1440×2560). The screen quality is not bad and it has wide viewing angles and a large margin of brightness. The minimum brightness could be lower. There is a filter of blue color present and you can use gloves on the screen. The screen cover is Gorilla Glass 5.

How does it sound?

The sound is great. Music lovers of all genres have loved the HTC Smartphones for their excellent sound quality. The U11 with BoomSound Hi-Fi Edition technology continues with this tradition. We used a pair of speakers, one of which reproduces high frequencies, and the other is responsible for medium and low frequencies to test the sound performance. The sound is outstanding, you cannot find fault with it.

How does the phone sound using headphones?

The headphone is also excellent. It is only necessary to take into account that the audio port on the U11 is a Type C connection. The company uses the innovative USonic technology with an active noise reduction system and fine-tuning of the sound for each ear. The Equalizer you can adjust according to your preference and situation. The smartphone sounds really cool, loud, and detailed.

What is the Edge Sensor?

In fact, this is the main feature of the smartphone. Having adjusted the force of pressing and compressing U11 on the sides, you can perform any functions that you choose yourself. It can be any program, voice assistant, camera, flashlight, and voice recorder…whatever! The force of pressing is taken into account so that for a short press it is possible to fix one function and to hold another.

This is very convenient. This is helpful if you do not like to talk aloud with your smartphone. Further, it prevents you from fumbling around looking for miniature buttons in winter while wearing gloves. Movement is intuitive and does not require any special moves.

What else is interesting in the program?

Nothing new…The smartphone is running Android 7.1.1 Nougat and probably will get Android Oreo. Long label tapping brings up a menu with basic options for each application. There is a branded store with content for VR, own assistant and a set of other useful programs.

What are the characteristics of the HTC U11?

The heart of the smartphone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, RAM can be 4 or 6 GB with a drive for 64 or 128 GB, respectively. You can expand this by installing a memory card because the tray is a hybrid and the user is free to choose what he needs.

Naturally, there are no problems with the running of applications or drawing animations. Everything works smoothly and quickly. With games, everything is also good, even the most “heavy games” used at maximum settings without sagging fps. The body is heated, and noticeable, but this does not lead to the phone overheating.

It is worth mentioning one drawback. Today, all the top Smartphones have Bluetooth 5.0 module allowing you to connect a pair of wireless headphones or speakers at the same time. Unfortunately, the U11 does not have this feature.

Is the HTC U11 camera good?

Yes, it is possible to say with full confidence that this is one of the best cameras available in a mobile phone. On the quality of photo taking, it compares well with brands like Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel. The U11 has a 12 Mp module with an f/1.7 aperture. By the way, one of the reasons why this camera is so good is the increased size of each pixel, 1.24 microns.

There are optical stabilization and fast focus, called UltraSpeed Autofocus. The fact that the camera captures a lot of light, allows it to take excellent night shots, detailed and bright, an excellent dynamic range, even when used during the daytime.

The video shooting also got an interesting improvement: if you zoom in on the picture, the sound will change. The options called acoustic focus. This selection became available using four differently directed microphones.

The Front Camera:

Is also good and comprise a 16 Mp with an aperture of f/2.0. This is a great feature when there is a lack of lighting, does not fold before the backlight, and does not lose detail. The panorama function on the front camera looks interesting.

Is the HTC U11 battery weak?

There obviously went something wrong with the battery. The capacity of the battery is 3000 mAh, clearly insufficient for a smartphone with Quad HD. The smartphone can hardly withstand a full day of work and needs a recharge by the end of the day. Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology is present, and from 0 to 100% the smartphone charged in less than two hours, this slightly improves the situation.

Are there any covers available for the HTC U11?

Yes, and many different ones, but if you want sensitive edges of your smartphone to remain working, you will have to choose carefully, since this option is not supported by all the variants present on the market. To continue to use the Edge Sensor, pay attention to the thin silicone bumpers sharpened under sensitive edges. They are few, but they exist.

What is the HTC U11 Plus?

The Plus versions not been officially introduced yet. However, attracted attention for users due to a leak in the department and features a six-inch screen with rounded edges, 18:9 aspect ratio, and a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel. The hardware remains the same.

For whom is the HTC U11?

The U11 will appeal to music lovers and mobile photographers – these performance indicators are at its height. In principle, it will suit gamers, executives, and students. The hardware makes the smartphone universal, and interesting gesture management only attracts more attention. The problem is that the U11 has tough competitors, such as the Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel, which are good; moreover, they have much more support of their audience than HTC.

What are the shortcomings?

Summarizing all of the above, the main shortcomings of the smartphone are the short battery life. Further, it lacks a modern front panel. You can also find fault with the camera and is slow. Then there is the lack of modern Bluetooth 5.0 and an audio port if this is critical for you.

What is the price of the HTC U11?

The cost of the smartphone starts from $650 let’s say directly, the competition in this price category is way more serious than the HTC U11.

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