Tenda AC18 and Tenda AC6 Review- Flagship Router and Budget Router

Tenda AC18 Review- Flagship Router with an Affordable Price

At the center of attention, today is the Tenda AC18 wireless router. This device has a dual-band with a total speed of 1900Mbps. It boasts four Gigabit LANs and tests of the Tenda Company routers you can see in our “Laboratory.”

As per our previously reviewed Wi-Fi routers, the Tenda AC18 also has Beamforming Technology. If you have a home with loads of wireless devices connected, this is the one to have.

The router officially introduced in the Russian market, with warranty and service. You can find the best price, based on the data of the Yandex.Market service in the table.

Review of the Tenda AC18

You receive the router delivered in a box with a spectacular design. The box displays an image of the router, features, and specs. The complete set includes a network cable, the power unit, instructions, and a warranty card.


When designing the Tenda AC18 manufacturers they based the design on the B2 “Stealth” bomber. It looks futuristic and impressive. The top covers multilateral with a matte finish without a logo.

A number of LED blue indicator lights displayed in the center of the device. In the center beneath the lid is a high-speed USB 3.0 connector. Here you can connect a printer or an external hard drive.

In the latter version, it will act as a home cloud or media center with the ability to watch movies on your TV screen.

On the lower side, it has four legs, which lift the housing for heat removal. The entire area has a ventilation grid. In the center is the sticker with technical data. There are three fixed 3dBi antennas and you can change the angle and rotate them.

On the back of the Tenda AC18 are four gigabit LANs and one WAN, a power button, a WPS, a Wi-Fi on/off switch, and a power connector.

The overall dimensions of the case are 261 x 168 x 65 mm with a weight of 640 grams. You can place the router horizontally on the legs, and fix it on the wall.


The AC18 has a Broadcom BCM4708A0 router design with a dual-core processor. Furthermore, there is a Cortex A9 core running at 800 MHz. The RAM is 256 Mb and the internal memory is 128 MB.

A standout is the four GB LANs and one GB WAN ports. There is one Broadcom BCM4360 for each frequency range. The Tenda AC18 supports 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac with a transfer rate of up to 1900 Mbps.

The Turbo-QAM comprises a 5 GHz frequency band with a 1300Mbps transmitting speed and a 2.4 GHz with a 600Mbps speed.

The PCB has two internal radiators with fins in the main area of the router.


To view the interface you can compare it with our previously reviewed models. You can find the interface translated into Russian and it supports automatic update.

After connecting the router, the user can set it up in several steps with the home page. The setup process is easy to understand.

The main window displays a connection diagram, a list of devices on the network, data on wireless and wired networks, and a transition to an external drive.

After the initial setup, you can fine-tune the settings and access additional management features. The wireless and wired connections already configured.

You can increase the range or activate the Beamforming+. You receive pre-installed with the router a firewall, a network filter, routing, a guest network with a speed limit and restricting access to shared resources.

Tenda AC18 also supports the remote access function. After activation, you can create an account that allows you to access the control panel offline. It is convenient if you want to control the accuracy of the connection, and configuring the router.

Furthermore, you can specify the settings for shared access to an attached drive. The wireless router supports the DLNA server, a print server, VPN, and parental control.


You can manage the unit directly from your Smartphone by downloading the Tenda Wi-Fi application. The main window displays a list of connected devices with statistics. There is a separate tab for sharing files with the drive and a label with settings. The outstanding thing is the routers customizable to suit your wireless needs. With one click, you can check the security of your network, amplify the signal, set the automatic shutdown of Wi-Fi during the day, and optimize the wireless network.

Results for the Tenda AC18

Tenda AC18 is an excellent alternative to other flagship routers available and provides you a stable operation with loads of ports to connect different devices.

During the testing and daily operation, there were a couple of problems noticed.

The positive side is you get excellent coverage, high-speed data transmitting, and an app for your Smartphone, localized firmware, spectacular design, and a high-speed 3.0 USB port.

Review of the Tenda AC6- The best home router up to $30 

One problem remains when you sign a contract with an Internet provider – you do not pay attention in choosing the right router or range. You might live in a small apartment and having problems with the connection. Alternatively, you may need to connect multiple devices to your home network.

This is where the Tenda AC6 wireless router can help you to connect multiple devices. The great thing is this router has a user-friendly interface. This is a popular router and widely available throughout Russia.

Tenda AC6 review

You receive the Tenda AC6 delivered to you in a sturdy box with a picture of the router, a note on the support of 4K-streaming, dual-band operation, and warranty service. Furthermore, you receive in the box extra notes on the specs and how to improve the coverage with a summary table.

The kit includes a power supply, a network cable, an instruction manual, a setup guide, and a warranty card.


The Tenda AC6 looks impressive and futuristic. The wireless routers dimension is 220x141x50 mm. There are four fixed antennas with a rotatable mount. You can change the direction of the device and rotate it around the axis.

Two of the antennas operate in the 2.4 GHz band, and the other two operate at a frequency of 5 GHz. The majority of network routers operate only in one range. In multi-apartment buildings, the frequency of the 2.4 GHz band the coverage is normally lost. This is where the 5 GHz frequency solves this issue and increases the speed of data exchange. It also makes it possible for you to use the two bands at the same time.

A number of LED indicators with a blue backlight are located on the rear. These lights display power, activity in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, access to the network, WPS and connection to the network. If desired, you can turn off the backlight.

On the reverse side, there is one WAN, three LANs, one of which is combined with IPTV, power connector, Wi-Fi, and WPS off button.

The Tenda A6 does not run hot with the ventilation frame on the underside. In the center, there is a sticker with technical data, two fastening tabs, and four plastic feet. The external surface has matte finish that does not collect fingerprints or dust during operation.


Inside the Tenda AC6, case is a printed circuit board with a heat sink installed on the processor. The Broadcom DCM53578 platform has a clock speed of 900 MHz. The onboard memory is 8 MB and 64 MB of RAM. The speed in the 5 GHz band is up to 900 Mbps, in the 2.4 GHz band up to 300 Mbps. In total, you get 1200 Mbps when used with the 802.11b / g / n / ac standard.


Tenda AC6 comes with Russian-language firmware. When you access the control panel, the first thing you see is the installation wizard. The first step is to select the type of connection and enter the data of the ISP. The second one is the name of the wireless network and the password for access. The same passwords used for the 5 GHz network.

After the reboot, it is already possible for you to access the network, connect up to three devices with a cable and over a wireless network. The main window displays the connection diagram, the names of the networks, the number of devices in the network, the IP address information, communication monitoring, and the firmware version.

You can set the two bands separately, the Beamforming + technology with improved coverage in hard-to-reach places and the shutdown schedule at night.

This router can work as an access point, a repeater and is WPS supported. The settings for the local network are preset.

Furthermore, you get parental control to restrict access for selected devices or sites. You can connect visitors to the guest network and view the time and speed limits. Other standout features:

  • VPN
  • Remote access
  • Firewall
  • IPTV configuration
  • Static routing
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Virtual server with port forwarding
  • General system settings
  • Monitoring downloads
  • Cloud firmware updates

Smartphone app

The Tenda AC6 supports the Tenda Wi-Fi application. This is an excellent app to use to configure your home network directly from Smartphone. In the main window, the network displays a list of connected devices and activity of the network. The tab with network access to the connected USB flash drive in this model is not relevant due to the lack of USB. The third tab displays a set of control options in the form of tiles.

Testing the Tenda AC6

As a result, the Tenda AC6 is the best wireless router providing you a stable and excellent coverage when used in an apartment or private house. You get two bands with AC support with a total speed of 1200Mbps.

The positive side is you get an easy to use control panel with a wide range of settings. There are four antennas, three network connectors, an application for a smartphone, and a stable operation with a long load. Of the limitations, we note the absence of Gigabit ports and USB. If these features needed in your home, we recommend you look at the Tenda Ac9.