Test and Review LG Q6: Mediocre smartphone with 18:9-display

Test and Review LG Q6: Mediocre smartphone with 18:9-display

Test results

For some unknown reason, the producer used a red pencil and highlighted a lot of points from the list of equipment that could attract a buyer to this device. Regretfully, the digital camera of this smartphone supplies pictures of mediocre quality. However, among the other creations, only the more expensive LG G6 is worth attention.


  • Almost frameless 5.5-inch display
  • 3 GB of RAM


  • Despite the undemanding processor, the battery life is only 8 hours
  • Charging takes long time, no quick charge function
  • The camera displays images below the average

Performance, Battery and Performance

This mobile phone quietly does its work with the middle-class processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 435, which underload can stream up to 1.400 MHz and has a total of 4 + 4 cores. The CPU is supported by 3 GB RAM, and for effective use of the owner of the LG Q6, the built-in storage of 22.6 GB is available. If you need more internal memory, there’s a slot for microSD card.

The performance of this mobile phone is good. Of course, we cannot expect a wonderful power from it, but for most of the part, the system works very appreciably. During our testing, the length of the loading process of our files is also in order.

The duration of battery life is satisfiable. While testing in the “online” mode, Q6 lasted 8 hours 04 minutes. If the battery becomes empty, a full restoration of its energy via the micro-USB 2.0 connector will take an entire 3 hours 08 minutes. This is extremely long.

What’s more? You can connect the smartphone to wireless networks via WLAN 802.11 n and Bluetooth 4.2 modules. LG Q6 weighs 149 grams, it’s 8.6 mm. thick and the dimension is 143×70 mm.

We really liked the appearance of the device. Holding G6 in hand feels extremely well and it boasts excellent performance. The company LG’s decision to forsake the fingerprint scanner has upset a lot of users. But the unlocking feature of users’ access to smartphone data protected by face recognition has settled the matter quite reasonably.

Display and camera

The diagonal of display LG Q6 is 5.5 inches. Here the manufacturer uses an LCD panel with a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels. Based on this, the smartphone is able to offer a good density of pixels – 442 ppi, meaning that, the image is quite clear. The maximum brightness is of average level and reaches 428 cd/m2. This is bright enough for reading contents in the open air.

LG Q6 offers its users a main camera that captures photos with a resolution of 13 megapixels. You’re permitted to take shot of the target object from minimum 8 centimeters distant, and the time interval from the release of the shutter to the final image is 1.35 seconds. Besides, for taking selfie, this device offers a front camera with a resolution of 4.9 Mpix.

All these results of laboratory measurements are not only important, but also crucial. Even while assessing, for example, color rendition, the overall assessment of the camera requires the subjective opinion of our photo experts. Hence, the LG Q6 deserves “acceptability”.

Photographs taken during daylight, the result of the blur algorithm is visible, and in the twilight light, a significant number of small details disappear. Nevertheless, the color rendering seemed good enough for us. Other notable characteristics of the camera include LED flash and video recording with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.