THL Knight 1: a solid classic smartphone at an inflated price

THL Knight 1: a solid classic smartphone at an inflated price

Announced in May, THL Knight 1 is a good example of the fact – sometimes, the Chinese release very interesting and generally well-made smartphones without setting a very competitive price tag. However, we can’t overlook their tendency to overstate some of their characteristics.

New THL is a solid classic with a classic design. Its screen is without side frames and a rugged metal case. At its front, it resembles the latest representatives of Samsung’s Galaxy A line, whereas behind looks like the budget models of Xiaomi.

About the cameras

The highlight of THL Knight 1 is the non-standard design of the main camera. It consists of a pair of modules with a resolution of 13.0 MP and 2.0 MP. The second sensor is designed to measure the depth of space and simulate the effect of “bokeh”.

Device main camera smartphone

Interestingly, it is located to the left of the main module, which is a rather unusual solution. The opening of the latter measures f / 2.2. The Smart Facial Beautification option is supported, which makes the picture of the type more effective.

Reasonably, the creators of Knight 1 heaved the interpolation of the final image to 20.0 MP, we think it wasn’t a much-needed feature. The same goes for the “front-end”, which in reality is 8-megapixel, but consequently, the photos are saved at a resolution of 13.0 MP.


Unlike many modern low-cost “Chinese”, THL Knight 1 has a 5.5-inch display. It’s manufactured using IPS technology, with a quite decent resolution of FullHD 1080 × 1920 pixels. Outside the device, the screen is protected by impact-resistant glass with a 2.5D effect.

Display Settings

The features of the matrix are quite good. It has a contrast ratio of 1500: 1, the coverage of 85% of NTSC color space. But as we mentioned earlier, you’ll miss the side frames.


Electronic “brain” THL Knight 1 is the eight-platform MediaTek MTK6750T. In itself, it’s not bad, but for a classic smartphone pricing almost $150, this is clearly not enough. As a matter of fact, the competitors put more powerful Helio P20 / 25 or X20.

The same can be said about the amount of RAM. It has only 3 Gb installed, and the capacity of the flash drive is 32 Gb. A slot for microSD memory cards is present (up to 128 Gb), however it is a hybrid, that is either SIM + SD or SIM + SIM.

In terms of communication with THL Knight 1, everything is standard – the possibility of simultaneous installation of two SIMs (micro SIM + nano-SIM), support for 4G LTE Category 4 networks (data download speed up to 150 Mbps and transmission up to 50 Mbps ), though only for an active card (chipset limitation).

The battery of THL Knight 1 is not very powerful for a Chinese smartphone with 5.5-inch screen, its capacity is only 3100 mAh. However, the presence of Pump Express 2.0 technology allows fast charging. For complete charging, reaching 100% from 0%, it takes only two hours. Pretty cool, right?