Top 5 Budget Chinese Smartphones- November 2017

 Top 5 budget Chinese smartphones- November 2017

It is a very well-known fact that the Chinese manage to make decent cheap phones that are popular on the market. The Russian market is one of the largest of such types, and users often buy these smartphones.

1st place – Gretel A7

Gretel A7 Smartphone

Since 1998, the Chinese brand Gretel exists in the Chinese market and gradually it moved to the Russian one. A few days ago, Smartphone A7 was worth 5,000 rubles, but recently its price has fallen dramatically. Now it is available in many stores for 2800 rubles only. However, it is difficult to say the reason for this price drop.

The phone is in demand and collecting positive feedbacks. For a low price, it offers high quality assembly and materials and has a comfortable 4.7 inches HD screen. Besides, it is equipped with a good touchscreen and a better 2 megapixels front camera, whereas many phones of this category have a front camera with a resolution of 0.3 megapixel. Also, buyers will note an excellent communication quality. The level of signal reception and audibility are at altitude.


1. Battery – Sellers claim 2000 mAh battery although the real capacity is 1750 mAh only.

2. You can select a weak processor, but considering the price, this is just fine.

3. Weak speaker.

4. In poor lighting, the camera photographs horrendously, since the flash here is very weak.

In the advertisement of this model, it is said that this phone is appropriate to use as a spare or working phone. Some buyers purchase it for children or for elderly parents. Thus, it’s perfect to cope with the standard tasks and support Internet connection as well as chat on Skype. In a word, it just works like a good phone with a stable reception of a radio signal.

2nd place – Uhans A101s 

Uhans A101s  Smartphone

The next Chinese cheap smartphone costs only 4200 rubles. Unlike the previous model, it has a 5-inch screen with HD-resolution. For many users, the display may seem large and uncomfortable, whereas others like it.

The rear and front camera with a resolution of 8 and 2MP, respectively, make normal shots. But you should not expect high quality picture from them. The budgetary processor MediaTek MT6580 provides normal performance and has the ability to perform routine tasks such as social networks, the Internet, calls etc. The 2450mAh battery works for a day and a little more with intensive use.

For their price, this is a fine choice for the state employees. You can call, or write texts with it. Of course, you can find fault with the weak “hardware” and the lack of headphones in the kit, but this is superfluous. By the way, some users complain about the weak radio module and signal reception. This drawback is considerable outside the city, though.

3rd place – Zoji Z6 

Zoji Z6 smartphone

It has got a strict design and body of unusual shape. Equipped with a 4.7-inch HD-screen, it also comes with a decent camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels. The heart of the phone is the standard processor MediaTek MT6580 (it is also installed in the phone above) with 1 GB of RAM. Quite usual, resource of this “iron” for “sitting on the Internet” is more than enough. Plus, it has 8 GB of memory and the ability to insert a card up to 64 GB. Well, a 3000 mAh battery with low energy consumption will work freely for 2 days with active and 3 days for intensive use. For a modern smartphone, this is really a long time.

The “highlight” of the model is the IP68 protection, that makes the phone immune to water. So, if even after drowning it into water, nothing will happen to it. Well, we appreciate the attached fingerprint scanner.

Judging by the feedback, the quality of assembly, reception of communication and materials at the highest level, we recommend the phone to the low-budget employees.

4th place – HOMTOM HT17 Pro 

HOMTOM HT17 Pro Smartphone

One of the most popular Chinese smartphones, HOMTOM HT17 Pro is perfect for tight budget holders. Surprisingly, the phone is equipped with a large screen and even supports the standard LTE 4G.

Among the above enlisted smartphones, none of them support such standard. HOMTOM HT17 uses a more powerful processor MediaTek MT6737 and RAM of as much as 2 GB. The model can even be attributed to a higher level, but it is only slightly more expensive than the cheapest Chinese phones. Some may even surprise, but there is even a fingerprint scanner in the gadget. For a phone for 5000 rubles this is practically unexpected.

Basically, the device earns positive feedbacks. As for the shortcomings, it has got a weak battery, which is barely enough for a day’s work. Ideally, you need to buy a power bank to complement its performance. Also, the speaker is a little bit weak – many people write about it. But in terms of other benefits, this is not a serious drawback.

5th place – Leagoo M8 

Leagoo M8 Smartphone

Against the background of other phones, this looks expensive, as it will have to pay almost 6,000 rubles for it. In some stores promotional discounts are available, thanks to which the gadget can be bought for 5100 rubles, so we recommend to look for such stores.

The phone has a classic 5.7-inch display with HD resolution and a 13 megapixels camera. Unfortunately, it does not support the 4G standard, only 3G. Talking of the performance – this budget model owns the CPU MediaTek MT6580 with video accelerator Mali-400 MP2 (a weak graphics chip), as well as 2GB of RAM. The battery capacity being 3500 mAh, with a small power consumption of the processor, will last about two days. Quite impressive!

The lack of support for the 4G standard is a major drawback. But for 6000 rubles, we can’t expect more than that. Note that, there is no notification for missed calls and SMS. But the screen is good and the sound is very loud and high-quality, thanks to a separate audio chip. Turns out, among the cheap Chinese phones, this is a worthy option and it will certainly stand out from the crowd for its reasonable price.


The rating is based on customer reviews. So, it would be better if you judge the criteria according to your personal requirement as well as budget. And one more thing, before proceeding further, it’s important that you understand the fact that the review is made at the end of 2017. After all, within 3-4 months, bunches of new phones have arrived the market.