Top 5 Chinese Smartphones 2017-2018

Top 5 Chinese Smartphones 2017-2018

It has been long since the Chinese ceased manufacturing substandard electronics. And presently, they produce decent smartphones, which can be called one of the best models in the world. On the Russian market, brands like Meizu and Xiaomi are the leaders, though other Chinese brands are passing a very gloomy time. Now, we will present a rating based on the best phones for the period 2017-2018 from Chinese manufacturers.

Note that, despite the fact that these are Chinese phones, some models may seem expensive.

1st place – Xiaomi Redmi 4X

In early 2017 (February 28), this smartphone was introduced to the market. This is a budget yet very successful phone, which in almost half a year collected a lot of positive feedbacks.

The model is equipped with IPS-display with HD resolution, quite good for its level camera and Snapdragon 435 MSM8940 processor with 8 cores. It also contains a very handy RAM of 3 GB, and much capacious 4100 mAh battery. Besides, it comes with a fingerprint scanner, which at the time of release of the phone was not so rare.

The phone turned out to be extremely successful. It is perfectly assembled, has good characteristics and an affordable price. When ordering a known China smartphone, they are purchasable for little money. Other models with similar characteristics are much more expensive, though.

Redmi 4X users appreciate the high speed of the system, an excellent shell based on Android, a large amount of RAM. This allows you to run many applications at once and switch freely between them. What’s more, the device supports 4G, the battery works for 2 consecutive days and does not warm very much even at high loads.

2nd place – Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Two months after the announcement of “Xiaomi Redmi 4X” the company decided to strengthen their success by releasing an improved version of this smartphone that received a more serious Snapdragon 625 processor with higher performance. Also, in the new model, a larger display with a diagonal of 5.5 inches appeared and its resolution increased to FullHD. The camera remained weak, but it’s not worth criticizing “Xiaomi” because it’s the norm for budget phones (especially Chinese ones). The rest remained unchanged: there is support for the standard 4G LTE, a fingerprint scanner and a capacious battery at 4100 mAh.

As expected, the phone received positive feedback. It absorbed the advantages of Redmix 4X and at the same time, got an improved processor (the older version) and a larger FullHD screen.

3rd place – Meizu M5c 

This phone appeared on the market also in the middle of 2017. The gadget differs a little from the representatives of “Xiaomi”, and its characteristics are quite consistent with the price.

The phone has a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1280×720, a weak camera with a resolution of 8 megapixels and a processor MediaTek MT6737, designed for state employees. Compared to the batteries of the phone discussed above, its 3000 mAh battery is weaker, but it’s enough for one day’s active use. It supports 4G standard, but there is no fingerprint scanner.

Certainly, this device is worse than the first positioned phone in this rating, but at its low price, some drawbacks are acceptable. However, the model collected positive reviews because of its build quality and a good shell based on “Android”. In the period 2017-2018, it is one of the best Chinese smartphones. Boldly recommended!

4th place – Xiaomi Mi6 

Unlike previous models in the rating, Xiaomi Mi6 is the real flagship, which today is the last product of the Chinese company. In the best technology and the latest processor from Qualcomm are implemented.

The phone has a good IPS-screen with a diagonal of 5.15 inches and a resolution of FullHD. And although the “Xiaomi” did not attach special importance to the display, it turned out to be good, though not clearly revolutionary.

The camera has optical stabilization which cannot be called the best. However, it’s definitely a cool one. Can it compete with the cameras Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or iPhone 8? Absolutely not. Here you can see examples of photos on the camera Mi6.

But the processor here is excellent. A powerful Snapdragon 835 with 8 cores is used which is undoubtedly amazing. Coupled with 6 GB RAM, the phone allows you to run many “heavy” applications. Playing games on it is also possible without any lag.

The battery used in it is not the most capacious (3350 mAh), but the technology Quick Charge 3.0 provides a very high rate of battery charging.

And with all these, the new flagship costs only 25,000 rubles. This is a ridiculous price because even the new flagships from Google, Samsung, Apple and also Huawei cost more than $1000.

5th place – Xiaomi Mi A1 

Announced at the end of 2017 (just a month ago), the phone has already become popular. It represents something between the budgetary and the flagship. Despite the high popularity and good quality, the phone does not have any unique features that distinguish it from other typical gadgets.

It uses an excellent 5.5-inch display with a resolution of FullHD, a good camera with an optical 2X zoom and an 8-core Snapdragon 625 CPU with a maximum core frequency of up to 2 GHz. You can also allocate up to 4GB RAM and 64 GB of internal memory + a card slot. The battery with a capacity of 3080 mAh will provide stable operation for two days with moderate use of the smartphone. However, the fast charging technology is not supported. The fingerprint scanner is attached, although today this is not counted as an advantage.

The phone turned out to be good and successful, but some users highlight a few disadvantages. For example- the headphone is noisy. There may be problems with LTE, which are programmatically solvable. Also, the quality of video recording leaves much to be desired, and even the front camera is poor in quality. Still, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that for such amount, we can’t expect more featured camera.

Finally, it’s evident that these are the best Chinese smartphones during 2017-2018. Of course, the lineup of these manufacturers is reloaded every year. So, we can hope to meet new phones at the end of 2018 that will surely take their own positions switching the existing ones.