Top 5 inexpensive 144-HZ monitors for games

Written by Tyler Rondman

Top 5 inexpensive 144-HZ monitors for games

It is only worth trying to play on a 144 Hz monitor. We picked up some great models with this frequency, that support FreeSync and, importantly, do not get hanged.


AOC G2460PF has a 24-inch diagonal and a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels – like all the other monitors. We thought due to the increase in resolution, the price will also increase, and with an increase in the diagonal at the same resolution, the picture will turn into “clear”. Externally, a red stripe on the black casing under the screen is visible. The foot allows you to adjust the monitor in height, as well as turn it into portrait mode, which will be convenient if you are not only a gamer, but also a programmer. Also, the AOC G2460PF has built-in speakers, a bunch of ports and a USB hub. The picture quality is not ideal, but for a monitor with such advanced features for such a low price is very adequate. This is perfect gaming monitor

LG 24GM79G

The case of the LG 24GM79G is far from smooth lines. But the red elements on the sides put everything in its place. It also has a large stand, so you have to make some room on the table. It has an interesting management: the most prominent place is made with buttons for operating the game “features”, and the restcan be handled with the help of a small joystick. As for the picture quality, the LG 24GM79G can boast of excellent illumination uniformity, good response speed, but the angles of the review do not support IPS matrices.

iiyama G-Master GB2488HSU-3

Another good monitor with 144 Hz and AMD FreeSync is iiyama G-Master GB2488HSU-3. Fans of dynamic games will appreciate it most. Certainly, not inferior to the above monitors, either by the degree of adjustment, or by the number of different ports. It has a decent consistency of backlight, but the quality of color rendering is not the best. But the good news is that, it is worthwhile to raise the scale, and the impression of the image will improve many times. The speed of changing the shades of the matrix is very high, so the monitor is great for dynamic games and movies.

Samsung C24FG70FQI

Samsung C24FG70FQI is a 23.5-inch monitor with SVA-matrix. Outwardly, it resembles a designer’s monitor rather than a gamer, as it has a quiet coloring and a very unusual stand. Thanks to the uncommonness of the stand that makes the monitor stand out from the crowd of identical devices. Unfortunately, it does not provide comfort during your work, though. Slightly bent, it does not greatly influence the overall impression of interaction with it. The Samsung C24FG70FQI is supposed to be controlled using a patented joystick. You’ll find it much more convenient than using buttons. Because of the wide color range, the colors look more saturated than they really are, but in games this effect is only beneficial. Thinking of working with photography, drop the idea and bring an absolutely different monitor.

Acer XF240Hbmjdpr

Acer XF240Hbmjdpr looks much more basic. No curvature, simply a modest little round frame without any red stripe. Color variation of the Acer XF240Hbmjdpr is quite good, but only if you first fix the gamma, saturation and color temperature in the setting. Unlike the above monitors, the Acer XF240Hbmjdpr does not have a flicker of the backlight, which will allow you to play on it longer without tiring your eyes.

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