TOP 6 Best Cameras under $500 in 2017

Written by Tyler Rondman

TOP 6 Best Cameras under $500 in 2017

Are you going to take a long-awaited vacation and visit various tourist places? Alternatively, maybe you are thinking of becoming a photographer.

Whether you are updating your current device or starting from scratch, you can find the best cameras for beginners in the price segment up to $500 here. Today, thanks to the speed with which digital photography improves, and the prices for cameras reduced, it has become much easier to find the best one for your needs.

For the above-mentioned amount, you can buy a very good camera that normally cost much more. However, many different options on the market can complicate the choice when choosing one. In this article, we have some of the best DSLR cameras that can meet your desired needs

Nikon D3400 Kit

One of the best models presented in this list is the Nikon D3400 camera. They made slight changes to the D3300, but remain noteworthy. The new sensor is able to take sharper pictures, while a shorter and compact lens along with longer battery life makes it convenient to use daily while traveling. In addition, this camera provides faster, continuous shooting and a higher ISO level thanks to Expeed 4 processing.

The sensor on the Nikon D3400 is one of the best in its class of products and capable of reproducing high-quality photos, as well as video in Full HD resolution. With the Easy Panorama mode, you can create an excellent panoramic collection with high resolution. As with the D3200 and D3300, the camera manual is simply excellent put together, with systematic instructions that allow you to get started.

Canon EOS 100D Kit

Another great camera for beginners is the Canon EOS 100D Kit. It is also able to take great shots and is light enough for traveling or for those who need to haul around loads accessories. It is equipped with an intuitive and pleasant touchscreen that allows you to set up the necessary settings without wasting time when an excellent shot is before your eyes.

Given the size, this camera offers impressive results with a high ISO level, even above 6400. In combination with night modes, it allows you to take clear photos even in low light, without having to use a flash. It can also capture up to four frames per second with seven consecutive RAW files or 28 JPEGs with full resolution. At speeds up to 1/4000 seconds, you can capture even the fastest scenes with detail.

Nikon D3300 Kit

Another quality and relatively cheap camera for beginners to intermediate users is the Nikon D3300 Kit. This is one of the leaders in the camera market and made with quality material and components. The model has an ergonomic design, like most SLR cameras, and light, which increases the overall usability.

The D3300 provides excellent, high-quality video in 1080p and equipped with one of the best sensors in this price category, which is also capable of creating excellent pictures and quick focusing. A long battery life allows the camera to remain one of the best for everyday use.

Sony Alpha SLT-A58 Kit

The Sony Alpha SLT-A58 models overpriced, although it is clear that the “camera” is available for cheaper. Yet, this does not make this camera less interesting. Let’s start with the fact that Sony cameras, although popular and high-quality, they still do not fit into the same category as Canon and Nikon. However, you can still find a fine piece of equipment in their range such as the Alpha SLT-A58.

This camera is not only great for taking pictures, but it also provides good video quality at a resolution of 1080p. This makes it ideal for those who want to improve their skills not only in terms of photography, but also video. In most lists, there is always at least one product from Sony, and this one was no exception. When it comes to their products, namely cameras, it is important to note the impressive image quality and relatively affordable price.

Nikon D5200 Kit

It’s no surprise that when it comes to budget cameras that can deliver good quality, Nikon’s products take up a lot of space in this segment. They understand that it is important to produce not only high-tech expensive cameras with maximum capabilities, but also to think about the newcomers to the photographic business. This is where the D2000 is suitable for entry-level photographers. You can buy this DSLR camera for fewer than 500 bucks.

Given the resolution of 24 megapixels, this camera is an excellent option if you are looking for a professional camera. However, if you are not too concerned about size and weight it is perfect. The D5200 takes an outstanding photo and video quality for its class and a stunning 39-point AF system at 5 frames per second.

Canon EOS 1300D Kit

If you are in need of a budgetary model, to learn the basics of photography, you should definitely pay attention to the Canon EOS 1300D Kit. The fact is the camera has a “big” lens, its total cost is much lower than most of the devices on this list. At the same time, the overall quality of images and the functionality of the devices are superb. This is still an excellent budget camera for beginners, despite not having the largest number of megapixels.

This model is the sibling in its lineup and received an 18-55 mm lens. The autofocus is not the best, but it does get the job done. If you expect to take pictures of still objects with insufficient or poor lighting, the EOS 1300D is among the best budget models you can buy.

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