Vernee Mix 2: the first almost 100% frameless smartphone company

Written by Tyler Rondman

Vernee Mix 2: the first almost 100% frameless smartphone company

The young Chinese company Vernee announced their plan to release the Vernee Mix 2. It will be the first almost frameless smartphone in its lineup.

The characteristics of this Mix 2 are not exactly known yet. Judging by the fact that the company offers often original solutions, you can expect not just another clone of Galaxy S8 based on MediaTek Helio P20 / P25, but something more interesting.

For example, almost a flagship based on the same Helio X30, it will occupy an intermediate position between expensive flagships from well-known brands – Samsung, Xiaomi and their Chinese counterparts.

On the recently published teaser of Vernee Mix 2, we found the phrase “Besel-Less 2.0”. it also said that the smartphone itself does not have any frames at all. It’s hard to believe, but if they tried to clone the design of the same Apple iPhone 8, it is quite possible.

On the whole, recently almost every seller from the Middle Kingdom, or even others from the most popular manufacturers, is trying to present its frameless smartphone. Not to mention, the basis is usually taken from Galaxy S8 of Samsung or from Mi Mix of Xiaomi.

However, it is quite typical for Chinese people, not to look for their own creativities, but to copy successful findings of the competitors. Xiaomi is also no exception, since it resembles the design of the very first “frameless” from Sharp, released a couple of years ago.

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