Xiaomi is preparing Mi Mix 2s with the design of the iPhone X

Written by Tyler Rondman

Xiaomi is preparing Mi Mix 2s with the design of the iPhone X

After the release of the jubilee flagship iPhone X with frameless design, many analysts and not only predicted that the cutout under the sensors will be copied by many third-party manufacturers. It seems that the forecast for the next trend in the world of smartphones is beginning to come true, as the network has photos Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s – an updated version of the popular frameless, copying the appearance of the “dozens” of Apple.

If you believe the leaked series of photos, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s will receive a separate panel for the sensors at the top of the screen – just like the iPhone X. It is logical that in this case the front camera will be located there, and the frames around the screen will be minimally thin over the entire area of the front panel . The source confirmed that there will be no “chin” in Mi Mix 2s, but the images do not allow to evaluate the design completely. It is also noteworthy that the so-called “ears” on the sides of the cutout in Mi Mix 2s are wider than in the iPhone X, and contain much more system information.

At present, the question remains as to how the developers of Android-applications will use the unusual display space of this design. For example, the sensational Essential Phone from Andy Rubin with its front camera right in the screen simply increases the height of the notification curtain – this area of the interface is not used by applications, but by the operating system, so a strange decision was not to everyone’s liking.

The source of the photos does not specify when Xiaomi will release an updated Mi Mix 2s with the design of the iPhone X. Given the recent release of the original Mi Mix 2 , we can assume that the presentation of the novelty will take place in the next 2018. In any case, it remains only to wait for the emergence of new leaks, because it is possible that we have an ordinary forgery.

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