ZTE Axon M: Review of the revolutionary folding smartphone

ZTE Axon M: Review of the revolutionary folding smartphone

“Folding” future of smartphones

  • Innovative folding design;
  • The interface supports multitouch functions;
  • Many uses;
  • It is not known how reliable the design is;
  • Last year’s processor.

Here it is, the smartphone of the future, which is already available in 2017.

The new ZTE Axon M is the first folding smartphone based on the Android operating system with two screens and modern characteristics from the Chinese handset manufacturer, who is not afraid to risk and deal blows to such giants as Apple and Samsung, by introducing the latest technological innovations.

One smartphone combines two 5.2-inch full HD display, which folds back to each other. The screens are made of glass, and in expanded form the smartphone has the same size as the Nexus 7 tablet.

Yes, in the middle, in a place where two screens are connected by a hinge, has a small seam, and in the folded form the smartphone is thick enough. However, the potential advantages of the two screens outweigh these obvious drawbacks.

Phone ZTE Axon M was the first folding smartphone, ahead of the rumored Samsung Galaxy X and potential folding smartphones from the company iPhone.

Price and release date

The release of the new smartphone ZTE Axon M in the US is scheduled for the Christmas holidays, and will be available in exclusive order from the US operator AT & T at a price of $ 24.17 per month. Also, the smartphone will go on sale in Japan, China and a number of European countries in the first quarter of 2018.

Contract phones, especially smartphones, are quite common in the US, since the monthly payment is much less than the total cost of such devices. However, the flagship of ZTE for the first time has experience of cooperation with a mobile operator, because before the manufacturer produced only non-contractual phone models.

It is known that the launch of the flagship in the United States is scheduled for the end of this year. And this means that the ZTE Axon M will go to shop windows even earlier than the notorious folding Samsung Galaxy X will be announced. Thus, the new flagship ZTE Axon M has not one and two months odds.

Two-screen design and interface

If the rear panel of your smartphone can be made of glass, then why the screen also can not be glass? This, in a way, is the motto of two 5.2-inch displays of the smartphone Axon M, which can be transformed into one screen the size of a mini-tablet.The smartphone resembles the Nintendo DS, and the two screens provide the ability to multitask. Now you can simultaneously watch videos and send messages, view maps and use the Internet search, or make entries in Google Doc, and at the same time see more than three lines of text in your document.

Indeed, this is a very pleasant innovation. After all, the keyboard of any modern smartphone in horizontal mode does take up most of the available space and hides 90% of all that you type. Along with two screens of the smartphone ZTE Axon M, this problem is now solved even without the need to use a full-fledged tablet.

If you want, you can move the content from one screen to another with a simple svaypom. Multi-touch technology works on both screens even if the application window crosses the seam connecting the two screens. Using Google Maps is also much more convenient than using conventional smartphones.

It was interesting to play the game Sea Battle, because the two screens allow you to drown the ships of the opponent, not seeing his field. Many applications already support work on two screens, but the developers still have a huge work to adapt the programs to the dual-screen model of the device design.

Camera, battery and specifications

Smartphone ZTE Axon M is equipped with a 20-megapixel camera with aperture f / 1.8. We were unable to test the camera itself due to the time-limited use of the smartphone, but we were able to find out about some of the unique features of a smartphone with two screens.

Have you ever done selfies on the main camera (which, by definition, is always more powerful and better), while having the ability to see the frame in the same way that you can do it using the front camera? Thanks to two screens of the smartphone Axon M now it became possible. The novelty is equipped with only one camera, but thanks to the design, you can use it both as a primary and frontal.

In other respects, the characteristics of the ZTE Axon M are almost the same as the ZTE Axon 7S specification. The novelty is equipped with a Snapdragon 821 processor, the amount of RAM is 4GB, and the built-in memory is 64GB. Also, the smartphone supports microSD card. As you can see, according to the characteristics of the smartphone ZTE Axon M inferior to most modern flagships, which, for eight months now, are based on the Snapdragon 835 platform.


The ZTE Axon M smartphone has become a real joker of the end of 2017, and many can not wait to evaluate its advantages and performance. Novelty offers ambitious design ideas, which in the future can be widely developed in the smartphone manufacturing industry.
The new Axon M, thanks to the dual-screen design, provides the ability to multitask, so it can become a device, both for work and for entertainment.
Given the prospects for use cases, the flagship of ZTE Axon M is very likely to take pride of place among other smartphones and unique smartphones. If the characteristics of the new smartphone is not inferior to other top-end smartphones in 2017, ZTE can outperform Samsung and Apple for months, if not years.